We make Hydroponics easy. Shop NowInformation


We make Hydroponics easy. Shop Now

We make Hydroponics easy.

Are you looking for home grown, fresh vegetables to fit your lifestyle preferences for pesticide and chemical
free food for you and your children?

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Do you want to be in control of how your food is grown and its freshness?

Our Hydroponic Equipment enables plants to be grown completely inside a house, independent
of climate and sunlight or also outside without requiring full sun exposure.

There is no seasonal or time of year limits to where or when they can grow their fresh food plants.

Our product design and operating systems provide ease of management and maintenance.

Our goal is to improve the nutritional health of people through

Improvements in the quality of Agri-farming in the residential
communities in Australia
Educating and empowering residential communities in Australia to grow their own vegetables in limited outdoor and indoor environments.
plant growth
Less maintenance
and Less mess
Better control over the
development of plants
Reduced risk of soil-laden pests
and diseases
About AirPonic Grow Towers

Bioponic Garden Towers can be used to grow a variety of plants, including salad greens, vegetables, flowers and herbs, and can be used in a variety of settings, including indoors, on decks, in restaurants, and greenhouses.

Moveable, stackable pods in a vertical space gives the flexibility to grow fresh produce wherever you live. Growing totally indoors gives year around vegetables and fruits at any time or season, allowing you to provide healthy, nutritious food directly to the family dining table.

By just producing 10% of the food they consume, cities could amazingly eliminate a huge portion of their carbon footprint.

A Solution For Urban Gardening

Airponic Grow Towers allow families to grow products that promote sustainable gardening methods with limited space and resources needed. These towers are also easy to setup, take down and replant when needed.

The Airponic Biopod System consists of stackable pods, containing 12 removable “net pots”, which require no soil, but instead uses a mixture of fertilisers and water flowing past the plants roots, known as a nutrient flow.

Growing Hydroponically

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil that emphasizes the use of water. Hydroponics uses mineral rich solutions to aid the development and robust growth of plants and vegetation.

There are two main types of hydroponics: solution culture and medium culture. Solution culture strictly uses nutrient solutions and does not use a solid medium for the roots (Airponic Model 12), whereas medium culture uses various solid mediums such as hydroton (clay balls that have been kiln dried), rockwool, or coconut fibre for the plant roots (Airponic Model 8).

Growing Inside

The optional LED Growlights available through us enable the Towers to be kept fully inside and will successfully supply fresh produce using vertical and overhead LED lighting which can be mounted in a suitable fame and also enclosed in a suitable cover or tent.

Making Hydroponics Easier
We have available an integrated digital unit which will continuously show the pH, Nutrient Level (EC) and temperature on a wall mounted compact display. This makes the adjustments required every couple of weeks to maintain the correct fertiliser and pH level easy to monitor and adjust.

Full automation is also available with water level and dosing of the nutrient flow controlled automatically.

The Towers can be setup in a sunny position on a deck or patio where the plants will grow in a natural sunny place.

They are also very successful under a clear pergola or in a polytunnel.

Units and Flats
If the unit balcony has a northerly aspect, the Towers can come fitted with a motorised rotating drive to ensure all the plants receive sufficient sun to grow.

For units with a southerly aspect, the ambient light can be supplemented by mountig LED RB Growlights on a frame. The optional motorised rotating drive will then ensure the plants receive adequate light to grow

Seedlings can either be germinated by you at home in seedling tubes or grow media and transplanted to the plant baskets in the BioPods or, you can simply purchase tubestock or plugs of plants from a Garden Centre or Nursery for transplanting into Tower (After rinsing off the grow mix from the roots).